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The Origin and History of Rattan Furniture

      In the long history of human social development, rattan with a unique charm and craftsmanship, and we have forged long ago indissoluble bound.According to "Book of Changes" records, the Paleolithic Age, humans that are woven into the plant phloem net Wang Kuo (mesh pocket goods)Zhejiang Yuyao Hemudu ruins unearthed reed seats, dating back about 7000 years of history。 In 1958, in Zhejiang Huzhou Qianshan Yang Village Neolithic sites unearthed bamboo about 200 pieces, most of which strips after grinding processing. Tang Dynasty, straw mat production is very common. At the end of the nineteenth Century China's rattan fabric has begun to export.


      Rattan furniture is the world's oldest varieties of furniture, one of the earliest by the European merchant ships in the 17th century into Europe. The baskets were found in Egypt, dating back to the year 2000 BC, and in Roman frescoes the portrait of an official man sitting on a wicker chair is often seen. In ancient India and the Philippines, people use vine to a variety of furniture, or rattan cut into thin and flat rattan, edited into a variety of patterns, do back, do cabinet door or rattan .

      Before the Han Dynasty, high-footed furniture has not yet appeared, people sit and use furniture for seats, couches, which have rattan woven seats, rattan seats and bamboo mats general called bamboo mat, was a higher-level seats. Rattan mat was a relatively simple rattan furniture. Since the Han Dynasty, due to the development of productivity, rattan craft level, rattan chair, rattan bed, rattan box, rattan screen, rattan utensils and rattan handicrafts have appeared. Fujian Quanzhou Museum Ming Dynasty Zheng He's wreck on the vines to save the rattan furniture, which are confirmed at the time of China's rattan furniture development level. In the existing exquisite furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there are seats are rattan seat surface.


      In fact vine texture hard, strong toughness, this feature has long been our ancestors found that, and widely used in production and life, to bring people to nature, convenient, comfortable, beautiful enjoyment of life. Such as the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, "Guangdong new language" there is recorded: "Lingnan rattan up to the goods in the world, the woven rattan, ten and eighty-nine." In the Xinhua Dictionary on the detailed interpretation of rattan, such as: rattan cup, rattan wine glass. Rattan, rattan shield. ); Rattan drum, a drum. Made from rattan skin. A paper made from rattan in ancient times. Rattan chairs, rattan bed, rattan basket and so on. All this shows that vines have played an indispensable role in our lives since ancient times.

The Development of Rattan Kingdom

      Jadeite Rattan Group is a large-scale furniture manufacturing, wholesale and retail chain enterprise in Hong Kong. The production base in Qiuchang Town of Huiyang District has developed into a factory with 100,000 square meters and more than 600 employees. It produces all kinds of fine rattan and Solid wood furniture business, its brands are: "Jade rattan", "Jade Baby." Jade company as early as 1994 will be the ISO9002 international quality certification, and the introduction of target management, QCC and the Sixth Law and other modern management tools. 2001 through the ISO9001: 2000 version of the certification, Jade quality policy: quality first, customer satisfaction, team work, continuous improvement. 2005 passed the ISO14001: 2004 international environmental management system for version of certification for more than 10 sessions in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian and other large furniture exhibition won the Product Design Award and booth design awards, in 1995 the Jade Rattan into In 1997, Jadeite Group was named the "Top Ten Enterprise". In 2006, Jadeite rattan was ed as the "Hong Kong Famous Brand" in the "Hong Kong Brand Election Competition".

      Jade rattan, refined and elegant, crisp and fresh, natural harmony, witty Tiancheng, or large if the combination of suites, or as small as Delicate Decoration, the poor its ideas, make the best set in the industry self-contained. As environmentally friendly furniture, Jade rattan all rattan materials are high-temperature sterilization treatment, clean, clean and straightforward, the best-selling products in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Japan and other parts of the world. Is the market leader, but also cast the emerald rattan excellent industry position.


      Emerald environmental management policy: to protect the environment, pollution prevention, compliance with regulations, standards, energy saving, continuous improvement. Promote the further development of enterprises and the contradictions of social resources, to achieve the sustainable development strategy.

      "Jade baby" children's furniture imported from Finland and all the world's most advanced water-based paint spray paint technology, in line with the most stringent environmental standards. This series of products with its plain texture, lifelike texture, pure and bright color, the furniture and decorate the environment inside and outside were lively, simple, pure, and a harmony between man and nature and peace.


      Simple lines contain a deep understanding of children's furniture, attention to every detail and security. The birth of the functional, interesting, learning in one of the children's furniture, "Emerald Baby."


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