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Historical witness


Mr. Yang Junjie, Chairman of the Board, won the Grand Award in the 3rd China Outstanding Social Responsibility Award held by Mirror Newspaper in Hong Kong


For 9 consecutive years by product design or exhibition design awards


In the Hong Kong brand-name contests, the exclusive capture of "Hong Kong brand" award


Through the ISO14001: 2004 international environmental management system certification

The realization of the domestic stores to build 300 stores, the Hong Kong store 28, become the most influential rattan furniture brand

Mr. Yang Junjie, Chairman of the Board, was re-elected Chairman of the International Furniture Decoration Industry (Hong Kong) Association


Chairman Yang Junjie was elected "International Furniture Decoration Industry (Hong Kong) Association" Chairman "

Panda breeding base in Sichuan, a lifelong adoption of a panda, named "Emerald Baby"


Emerald rattan company through the ISO9001: 2000 version of the international quality certification

Mr. Yang Junjie, chairman, was "People's Literature Supplement" ed as the influential man, known as the "Asian rattan"


Jade rattan company was named the domestic furniture industry "top ten enterprises"


Expansion of the new plant, "Jade Industrial Park" completed, the factory area of 200,000 square meters


Products into the Beijing Zhongnanhai Ziguang Court


Emerald rattan company through the ISO9002 international quality certification


"Hong Kong Jade Cane (Huiyang) Industrial Co., Ltd." officially registered


Young family, rattan processing second-generation successor Mr. Yang Rupeng established in Hong Kong, "such as Hing factory"

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